"All people are not heterosexual. Heterosexuality is not superior and is not the norm by which all other sexual orientation and gender identities are measured." --Burnaby, B.C. Schools Draft Policy #5.45

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Prayer for the Persecutors of Transgender People

I like reading about religion and philosophy. These subjects help me develop myself as a person. The major systems of thought teach us that when someone is unfair to us, we should either (1) not respond with emotion; or (2) respond with kindness, love, or compassion. 

Lately, I've been getting tired of postponing my spiritual development due to attachment to anger or sadness at the negativity directed at transgender people. To be sure, anti-transgender prejudice over the course of my life has been a crucible through which I've become a more compassionate person. Yet, nonetheless, to date, there's a part of me that holds out, a remaining part of me that wants to react.

Since Caitlyn Jenner came out, there have been many anti-transgender articles in the media. While some of them may have made a good point or two, by and large they were deliberately unfair; some of them were downright nasty. I haven't responded to any of them, either by comment, letter to the editor, etc.

I'd like to respond here and now, in this post. I would like to respond in the form of a prayer for those who persecute us. As some of the persecutors self-identify as Christian, I'll cast my prayer in a Christian form:

Heavenly father
Who sent his one and only Son
To save us from our sins,
That we might be redeemed and have eternal life,
Bless your beloved children __________ , __________ , and __________ .

With the help of the Holy Spirit,
may all people learn to work together
for that justice which brings true and everlasting peace
To you be glory and honor for ever and ever. 

I'm not sure I'm very good at writing Christian prayers. The second half is taken directly from Catholic.org because I wasn't sure what to write. 

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